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'Bamboo Scaffolding'

My collection of jewellery is inspired by bamboo scaffolding. Bamboo poles are commonly used for setting up scaffolding in Hong Kong while I noticed steel is used in the UK.  It is interesting to see how scaffolding (which is used in construction sites) can be linked to small, delicate pieces of jewellery.  

Additionally, bamboo has played an important role in traditional Chinese culture. Bamboo, along with plum blossom, orchid and chrysanthemum, are known as the ‘Four Gentlemen’.  They each represent a virtue- for bamboo, its uprightness and its ability to stand firmly under harsh weather conditions have always been inspirational to the nation and Chinese scholars.  

My pieces were designed through CAD Rhino and casted by a jewellery company. They were then hand finished in the studio. 

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